How Long Does Block Paving Sealant Last?

It’s inevitable that over time your block paving is going to experience foot traffic, vehicle wear and weather exposure. If you have used a block paving sealant then you will want the confidence that it’s going to last a long time and stand up to wear and tear. Universeal’s range of block paving sealants give you just that, and you can view the range here.

How long does block paving sealant last? Your block paving sealant should last up to 2 years providing you use a quality product and maintain the paving regularly. If the sealant does begin to fade after 2 years you can apply a fresh coat.

Why you should seal your block paving

By sealing your block paving it will increase your block paving and patio’s life span. If you put the best type of sealant in place, your block paving and sealant could last for years to come. Not only will it increase the life span, but it’ll also contribute to other benefits such as:

  • Reduce mould growth.
  • Reduce moss growth.
  • Deters insects.
  • Prevents weed growth.
  • Repels oil, grease, dirt etc.
  • Easier to clean.
  • Helps maintain the colour/texture of paving.
  • Prevents loss of sand within the joints.
  • Assists with harsh weather conditions and any damage potentially caused.

All of the above will maximise your paving’s life, along with the sealant. In order to achieve the best finish, you want to ensure you are using the most suitable sealant products available.

The best sealants for the job

How Long Does Block Paving Sealant Last - click for our range

Universeal use the latest technology in their production methods, to ensure you are getting the best quality products on the market. Not only are our products completed to an outstanding finish, they are also affordable. We ourselves on quality and value, making your life that little bit easier.

Using the breakthrough ‘Micromesh Technology’ means that our sealant products provide additional durability and performance.

As stated previously, your paving sealant could stand the test of time if applied and maintained correctly (and you let it dry for the correct amount of time).

We currently offer four remarkable sealant products which will give you the desired finish for your block paving.

Satin Sheen Finish

This easy application sealant is ideal for your patio and block paving. It is a high-performance sealant, which gives a natural sheen finish to compliment popular stone types such as sandstone, limestone, slate and many more.

It is a water-based formula, meaning it is highly durable and also allows breathability against outside vapour transmissions. This includes excess moisture and weather conditions. To maximise your paving’s lifespan, it is recommended you give 1-3 coats of sheen finish, for several years of stunning paving. 2 coats are more than enough to promote durability, and an additional coat will add an extra sheen, depending on personal preference.

No more than 3 coats are advised as this can lead to stickiness, reduced drying time and too much moisture.

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Colour Enhanced Finish

This easy to use sealant offers a lower sheen colour enhancing finish. It is ideal for use on paving, patios and pathways, making it versatile for long lasting needs. Again, it can be used on popular stone such as slate, quarry tile and travertine etc. offering an enhanced professional finish.

This sealant penetrates your stone, to protect against water stains and algae growth, ensuring your colour is always kept enhanced.

To encourage several years of lifespan, 1-2 coats is recommended for this product. Not only will it keep its durability over the years, but it will also keep the colour of your paving intact.

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Natural Matt Finish

This sealant is perfect if you want to keep your paving as it is, and not change the look. It offers a subtle but natural matt finish, and yet still with the added benefits of the more enhanced sealants.

Again, this can be used on any type of popular stone, as it will compliment all materials and keep it looking fresh. Being water-based, it is high in durability whilst offering an outstanding finish.

What you see is what you get with this product, and it will certainly keep your paving areas looking sharp, for years to come. This is the perfect solution if you’re unsure what to go for, but you know you want something long lasting.

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Wet Look Finish

This long-lasting sealant gives off a one of a kind dramatic wet look, to add a sense of style to your paving areas. It is suitable for popular stone materials such as Indian sandstone, granite and many more. It is always wise to test this product on an inconspicuous area, to ensure its suitability and finish. Because of its style, this product will come out slightly darker, enhancing the wet look finish. It is recommended to give 1-3 coats of this product. Again, 2 coats being more than enough, but a third if you want a stronger look in colour and finish.

If applied correctly and looked after, this product will last you several years.

As with all the products above, they are all water based, breathable and highly durable, therefore promoting the lifespan of your paving areas. In order to make the best of your products, is to regularly clean your paving areas. This ensures any build up of possible dirt and mould can be eliminated, therefore encouraging the life of your sealant and paving.

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Now you know how long block paving sealants last and the right products to use, here is some more advice from our experts.

Related Questions

How long should you wait before sealing?

Generally speaking, it is recommended to ensure your paving is dry 24 hours prior to sealing. If there have been harsh weather conditions, cooler temperatures or it has recently been washed using a pressure washer, 48 hours is recommended to wait. The dryness of the sealant area will help avoid any excess moisture getting under the product, allowing it to dry quicker.

Some products can be used be used under the 24-48 hour window, but it is always best to follow manufacturer guidelines to get the best out of your product.

Do sealants prevent mould?

In the short of it, both yes and no. Sealants certainly inhibit the growth of mould, but this is also down to how you take care of your paving area.

Sealants are designed to prevent the growth of mould and to act as a repellent, but if for whatever reason you don’t keep on top of your cleaning duties, mould could potentially be an issue. It is advised that you keep your paving area as clean as you can, targeting any areas with build ups of dirt.