100% Breathable - Full Vapour Transmission Technology by Universeal

100% Breathable

Ultimate performance – full vapour transmission

Benefits of our fully breathable sealants:

  • Quick drying – can be applied to damp stone too
  • Full vapour transmission ensures no moisture blooms or trapped dampness
  • Highly durable, stain-resistant protection
  • Easy to apply solvent and water based formulas
  • Long lasting protection with nano technology
  • Suitable for all popular porous natural stone including Sandstone, Slate, Limestone and more

Wherever you see the badge, you can rest assured you are getting a fully breathable formulation that will save you time and money!

If you need any guidance on choosing your sealant visit our Shop By Surface section or our technical team can be contacted via our enquiry form.

100% Fully breathable sealers from Universeal

Full vapour transmission for natural stone


Quick drying, 100% breathable sealers allow for full vapour transmission with a long-lasting, durable finish – ideal sealers for kitchen and bathrooms, patio & paths.

100% breathable sealants by Universeal are very easy to apply, self levelling and penetrate the substrate to protect against oil and water-based stains.

The high quality water-based polymerised protective coating allows quick application and rapid curing.

Why are our breathable sealers the best you can buy?

Modern formulations with full vapour transmission are vastly superior. Key benefits include:

UK’s Most Advanced Breathable Sealers
High performance nano-tech protection
100% breathable with full vapour transmission
Ultra durable sealers with long-life guarantee
Very easy and quick to apply
covers both indoor & outdoor applications

Universeal 100% Breathable Sealers are used extensively for commonly supplied UK natural stone paving and tiles:

The Universeal Sealants Product Range

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