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Universeal Solutions is the B2B facing sector of Universeal, offering access to white label product ranges and new formula development processes. We manufacture some of the world’s most advanced cleaning and sealing products on the market today. We blend together the highest quality ingredients available, working with fluoro-polymers, resins, surfactants and detergents to achieve superior grade products.

Universeal Solutions can blend your formula or custom build for your specific needs at an affordable cost. With a dedicated research and development team we have the ability to formulate specialist products according to your specifications to create a truly unique product. Tell us your specific needs and we can provide you with bottling, labelling and packaging to make the job a personal turnkey project for your business.

Industry Sectors

Universeal Solutions provide advanced formulations for the following sectors:

The Facts about Private Label…

We provide customized, cost-effective private label solutions for high-performance consumer and industrial cleaning and lubrication products. Our extensive experience in private label packaging enables us to meet any commercial or retail requirement.

Need a partner with a proven ability to deliver the right product, in the right quantity, at the right price? Universeal combines the service and attention of a small speciality firm with the robust product development, production and delivery capabilities of a major supplier.

There are a few “Myths” associated with “Private Label”

  • Private label means lower quality – Not true, we can create formulation quality to suit your customer demands and business price points.
  • It takes forever to get started – Not true, it can take as little as 2 weeks to set up a private label agreement.
  • You have to maintain a large inventory – Not true, once we know your order patterns we can hold the stock for you, allowing you to reduce your stock holding.
  • Having a private label means investing a lot of money – Not true, if you commit to a own label agreement there is no set up costs involved, only investment in purchasing stock

Advantages of Private Label…

Private labelling is a quickly growing industry and with the higher profit margin and larger control in what you sell it is easy to see why so many companies are switching to private labelling.

Adding a private label product to your company line is a great way to increase profits and keep customers coming back to your store. Whether you are looking to add a completely new line or replace a national brand product you currently sell with a private label cleaning product made specifically to suite your company, Speciality products are the way to go.

Advantages of Private Label Cleaners for your Business:

  • Substantially higher margins than branded name products
  • Greater freedom with pricing structure
  • Flexibility to create your own marketing plans
  • It’s been proved that you will increase your sales
  • You have greater control over your stock inventory
  • Create a positive business image leading to stronger customer loyalty
  • Reduces price wars with competitors
  • After building customer loyalty, your customers can’t order the same products from the internet or competitor because it’s your product only available from you

Service and Support

Our commitment to service has earned us an excellent customer retention rate. Whenever you have a question or need assistance, our Service and Support Team is just a phone call away. And when you call during business hours you’ll speak to a real person, not a voicemail system.

Contact Us

Universeal Technical Solutions
Unit 1 Pulham Business Park
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Tel: +44 (0) 1300 345 898

To begin, send an email to Jason Smith: or use our quick contact form.

“Universeal can formulate to any price point or performance grade required”

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