Block Paving Sealant Reviews

Not all block paving sealants make the grade

Universeal supply a range of high-quality block paving sealers that are designed to stop weeds from growing through and protect your patio and paving from oil stains.

We’re proud of the reputation we’ve built up since forming in 2008, with all our block paving sealants being designed and manufactured from our UK facility in Dorset.

Our products are very different to what you might be able to buy elsewhere due to the unique process of Micromesh Technology. This secret process blend polymers to achieve an outstanding finish and result every time.

Unlike other block paving sealants, the Universeal range can be applied even on damp paving slabs and patio meaning you can work quickly and efficiently.

Universeal Sealants is the world’s first sealant company to formulate their products under the unique process of Micromesh Technology.

What our customers say

We have a philosophy for offering quality and value. The amazing customer reviews we receive bears testament to this core aspect to our business. You can read a selection of our block paving sealant reviews below.

Block Paving Sealant Review

Paving-PRO Sealer

“Good products, I used the Block Paving Cleaner first then this sealer, I’m very happy with the finish”



Universeal Paving-Pro Block Paving Sealer Range

The Universeal Sealants Product Range

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