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Universeal Sealants products are fantastic, professional grade solutions, but we know sometimes you need a bit of advice and help above and beyond the label description. To that end, we have put together some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) that we hope will give you some extra guidance and tips.

If you would like to ask us something in particular, why not send us a message.

I am trying to use the 10% newsletter discount code and its not working?2023-11-08T13:34:04+00:00

Our introductory newsletter coupon applies a 10% discount to standard RRP products sitewide, except for the TESTER/SAMPLES category. 25ml/150ml Samples cannot be discounted as they are already produced and shipped at a loss. The coupon code (in line with all our promo coupons) will not work on items already on sale, nor will it be valid on any of our bundle deals as these are already heavily discounted.

If you have any other issues with the coupon, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our helpline 01300 345898.

I’m struggling to checkout?2021-04-27T10:35:13+01:00

If you are struggling to checkout, it may be related to your Paypal account – if you choose Paypal as your payment method, it will prompt you to login (if you already have an account).

However, instead of logging in, you can choose the second option at the bottom of the screen – this is the ‘Pay by Debit or Credit Card’ button – this will allow you to checkout WITHOUT signing into Paypal.

If you are having other problems, please contact our technical helpline 01300-345898.

Is Rain-Off sealer breathable?2020-06-10T16:31:38+01:00

Yes, using our nano-coating technology Rain-Off sealer will create a durable barrier, whilst allowing full vapour transmission. So the end result is a protective coating that is 100% breathable

Can Rain-Off be used on flooring as well as walls?2020-06-10T16:30:16+01:00

Yes, Rain-Off will work equally well on both walls and floor surfaces. It is ideally suited for garden brickwork that often features horizontal and vertical surfaces.

How long does Rain-Off take to dry / cure?2020-06-10T16:25:08+01:00

With optimal weather conditions, Rain-Off should dry within 45-60 minutes. Times will be longer if it is cooler and if there is moisture in the air. Try to apply the sealer when warm, mild and dry weather is forecast for best results.

I have a Black Limestone patio which has faded badly, would Enhance & Restore Limestone Sealer work?2020-06-10T16:23:37+01:00

Yes, Enhance & Restore Limestone Sealer is designed to restore the lost colour of Black Limestone slabs. This product will restore the dark black colour whilst sealing the stone against water ingress and staining.

What is the coverage of Enhance & Restore Limestone Sealer?2020-06-10T16:00:48+01:00

As a guidance the coverage is 15-20m2 per litre per coat, Enhance & Restore Limestone Sealer must be applied very thinly to the surface with 100% of the sealer penetrating in to the stone leaving a restored dark matt finish.

Some areas sealed with Enhance & Restore are a little shiny and sticky, WHY?2020-06-10T15:59:37+01:00

Enhance & Restore must be applied very thinly, all the sealer must soak in to the stone, any sealer residue left on the stone surface must be wiped or buffed off before it dries. if this doesn’t happen then issues like difficult to remove shiny sticky patches will occur.

Can Enhance & Restore be used on Slate to bring the colour out or just Black Limestone?2020-06-10T15:58:05+01:00

Yes, Enhance & Restore can definitely be used on slate and most types of natural stone that has faded or needs a lift of the natural colours. Any questions please contact our technical helpline for more advice 01300-345898 (ext 2.).

Is Enhance & Restore suitable for both New & Old faded patios?2020-06-10T15:56:17+01:00

Yes, Enhance & Restore is a colour enhancing sealer which can perform excellent results on new patio installations and restoring old colour faded patios.

Do I need to use personal protection whilst using No More Black Spot?2020-06-10T15:40:24+01:00

Yes, like most other patio cleaners it is always advised to work safely whilst using No More Black Spot. We advise taking great care and to use personal protection, i.e eye protection, gloves and a mask where possible. Please don’t be concerned, this product is safe if used in a safe careful manner, we always advise best safe working practice.

What is the best way to rinse the No More Black Spot chemical off?2020-06-10T15:39:01+01:00

Once all the Black Spots have turned White you are then ready to rinse the chemical off. It is very important that you do this carefully and safely, we DO NOT advise rinsing straight off with a pressure washer! This will produce airborne spray of neat chemical which if comes in contact with sensitive areas could cause damage. We STRONGLY recommend rinsing thoroughly with a hose first, this can be done safely. There after once all of the cleaner has been rinsed away you can then use your pressure washer to removed all the White Spots and thoroughly clean the patio.

If I need more advice about the product what can I do?2020-06-10T15:35:50+01:00

If you require more advice and the product and your particular project please contact our technical helpline where one of our experienced advisers will be pleased to help on 01300345898 (ext 2).

What finish does Patio Porcelain Floor Tile Sealer give once it has dried?2020-06-10T15:32:43+01:00

After a single application of Patio Porcelain Floor Tile Sealer to the porcelain tiles if will offer a nice clear, durable, glossy finish.

Patio Porcelain Floor Tile Sealer instructions say only apply one coat, can I apply a second application?2020-06-10T15:31:37+01:00

Patio Porcelain Floor Tile Sealer is a very durable Nano-Coating, it is only necessary to apply a single application, we do not recommend applying a second coat as it may result in over application problems.

What is the best way to apply Patio Porcelain Floor Tile Sealer?2020-06-10T15:30:19+01:00

For best results Patio Porcelain Floor Tile Sealer needs to be applied with an even thin coat. To achieve this we recommend using a paint brush, micro fibre flat mop, paint pad, sponge or cloth. Using a roller can cause problems with inconsistent and over application of the sealer.

If I have problems applying Patio Porcelain Floor Tile Sealer or simply don’t like the finish can it be stripped off?2020-06-10T15:29:10+01:00

Yes, Patio Porcelain Floor Tile Sealer can be removed by using a chemical we manufacture call “Extreme Clean” applied neat and left to dwell for 15-20 minutes. Always do a test patch with the sealer to check suitability before progressing with the application of the patio area.

How long does Patio Porcelain Floor Tile Sealer last?2020-06-10T15:27:37+01:00

Patio Porcelain Floor Tile Sealer is very durable, if applied correctly you can expect it to last 3-5 years before reapplication.

I have WHITE PATCHES on my porcelain patio every time it rains?2020-06-10T15:26:13+01:00

We recommend applying Patio Porcelain Floor Tile Sealer very thinly, if the product is over applied it can cause problems with moisture clouding (white patches) if you experience these issues please contact our technical helpline for advise 01300-345898

Can I get a sample of Patio Porcelain Floor Tile Sealer?2020-06-10T15:24:30+01:00

Yes, you can purchase a small 200ml tester bottle to trial to check suitability before use.

Will my tiles be slippery after applying Patio Porcelain Floor Tile Sealer?2020-06-10T15:22:21+01:00

Patio Porcelain Floor Tile Sealer applies a very layer of sealer that sits on top of the porcelain making it very easy to keep clean, it may cause the tiles to become slightly slippery only when wet. Always do a test patch to check suitability of the product for your project.

Can Patio Porcelain Floor Tile Sealer be used on my porcelain tiles indoors?2020-06-10T15:18:34+01:00

Yes, although we market Patio Porcelain Floor Tile Sealer for external patio areas, it is suitable for use in the home on all internal porcelain situations.

What is the coverage of Patio Porcelain Floor Tile Sealer?2020-06-10T15:13:53+01:00

Coverage will vary depending on the surface texture of the tile, as a guidance we say approximately 15m2 per litre. We do know that some of our customers have achieved greater coverage on their projects with excellent results.

Does Patio Porcelain Floor Tile Sealer stop grease and oil stains?2020-06-10T15:12:40+01:00

Yes, Patio Porcelain Floor Tile Sealer will protect your porcelain tiles from grease and general soiling, making it very easy to wipe clean and wash with a hose and soft broom.

Will Patio Porcelain Floor Tile Sealer wear and scratch?2020-06-10T15:08:57+01:00

Like all surface coatings they do eventually wear. Patio Porcelain Floor Tile Sealer is a very durable coating and has excellent resistant to surface scratching.

I have a question that isn’t listed in the FAQS?2020-06-10T15:07:04+01:00

If you have a question that isn’t listed or require further information regarding this product please contact our technical helpline 01300-345898

Is No More Black Spot safe to use around bedding plans and grass lawns?2020-05-20T15:38:28+01:00

Yes it definitely is, although this chemical is capable of damaging sensitive bedding plants and lawns, if you apply plenty of clean water to these areas just before and during the rinsing off process then the chemical will not have zero adverse effects to these sensitive areas.

I have rinsed off ‘No More Black Spot’ and I still have some black spots showing, WHY?2020-05-20T15:37:21+01:00

There are a number of reasons why some of the black spot have not been killed and turned white. It is mostly due to not enough chemical has been applied to these more stubborn areas, or simply because it hasn’t been left long enough on the surface.

We recommend leaving a minimum of 2-3 hours before rinsing off, but that is only if all the black spots have turned white. NEVER rinse the chemical off before 100% of the black spots have turned white otherwise you will need to start again and apply more product to these isolated areas.

If necessary apply more chemical to the stubborn areas and leave 4 or 5 hours, whatever is necessary to achieve the perfect results.

ALWAYS DO A TEST PATCH FIRST, before applying all the product to your patio or paving areas.

Any problems or questions please contact our technical helpline for further advice 01300-345898

When is the best time to apply No More Black Spot?2020-05-20T15:36:01+01:00

The ideal time to apply the product is on a day when the temperature is not too hot so that the chemical doesn’t dry out. Earlier in the morning or later in the day will help achieve best results.

Is No More Black Spot suitable for my patio?2020-05-20T15:34:42+01:00

We have carried out 100’s of successful tests on many different types of stone and concrete surfaces. Whether you have concrete slabs, Indian sandstone, limestone, slate, terracotta, block paving, if it has a Black Spot Lichen issue then this product will work.

If you are not sure please call our technical helpline 01300-34589

Does ‘No More Black Spot’ stop the Black Spot from coming back?2020-05-20T15:33:32+01:00

Once you have used this product successfully, to stop the return of the black spot we advise using the Black Spot Preventer every year to keep the Black Spots from ever returning.

Is No More Black Spot harmful to pets or wildlife?2020-05-20T15:31:50+01:00

Like many patio cleaner this product could cause harm to pets or wildlife but only when wet, once you have thoroughly rinsed the cleaner off the patio it will cause no harm to any animals.

What is the best way to apply No More Black Spot?2020-05-20T15:30:28+01:00

Before applying this product to your patio or paving, always read the instructions of use very carefully. Take Note to use personal protection.

The best application method is with a simple garden pump sprayer, if you haven’t got one then a watering can will do the same job. We recommend a coverage of approximately 4-5m2 per litre of neat cleaner.

Will No More Black Spot damage my lawn or plants?2020-05-20T15:29:33+01:00

This product is capable of causing damage to the grass and sensitive plants, if you apply plenty of water before and after rinsing the chemical then it will not cause any damage.

Do I need to keep No More Black Spot wet?2020-05-20T15:28:27+01:00

What we mean by this is, wet the patio or paving first before applying the cleaner, this will help to stop the chemical drying out inside the stone.

How does No More Black Spot compare with other similar products on the market?2020-05-20T15:03:12+01:00

We manufacture all of our own products, the NO MORE BLACK SPOT is the strongest formula on the market. We abide by strict HSE (BPR biocide) regulations allowing us to manufacture this product.

How long do I need to leave No More Black Spot down before rinsing?2020-05-20T15:01:30+01:00

Always do a test patch first, this will show you how long it is taking to kill the Black Spots and turn them white. It normally take 2-3 hours but in stubborn areas can be much longer.

Any problems please call our technical team for support and advise 01300-345898

What is the Coverage of No More Black Spot?2020-05-20T15:00:28+01:00

To work correctly we recommend not exceeding a coverage of 5m2 per litre of cleaner, this means a 5L container will cover approximately 25m2.

Why hasn’t the product removed all of the BLACK SPOTS?2020-05-20T14:57:05+01:00

There is only two reasons why the product hasn’t been 100% successful, either not enough product has been applied to the contaminated area or is has been rinsed off too soon.

NEVER rinse the cleaner off until all the Black Spots have turned completely WHITE. If most of the Black Spots have started to turn white but a few are still Black, apply a little more product.

Always Do a Test Area before proceeding with the rest of the patio.

Any problems please call our technical helpline where we will be happy to help and advise. 01300-345898

Is Grout Rescue suitable for outdoor use?2020-05-29T15:20:15+01:00

Grout Rescue Colour & Seal should not be used for outdoor applications as we recently revamped its polymer formulation for optimal internal results. We have a new external patio grout restoration and recolour formula coming very soon that is specially formulated with super strong polymers to guarantee its longevity in the face of environmental impacts relating to outdoor exposure.

Will I need to re-apply Grout Rescue?2017-02-15T22:48:54+00:00

Grout Rescue Colour & Seal is a durable, permanent sealer and should provide long-term colour protection. Depending on the type of cleaning products used, a fresh application may be required within 2 years, particularly if the cleaners use harsh chemicals as these attack the surface of the sealed grout.

We recommend that you use pH neutral cleaning products, such as Universeal Easy Clean to achieve long-life protection.

Can I order a custom colour for my grout?2017-02-15T22:47:50+00:00

Yes, if you need a larger order of Grout Rescue Colour & Seal in a specific colour for a commercial project we can create a custom tint for you. A minimum quantity order applies and we will colour match your supplied colour swatch as closely as possible (limitations apply).

Please contact us on +44 (0) 1300 345 898 to discuss your requirements.

Do you accept returns/refunds with Grout Rescue?2017-02-15T22:46:38+00:00

Due to the nature of Grout Rescue Colour & Seal, we cannot accept returns of any opened product. If you have ordered too much and have unused bottles, then yes, you may return those for a refund.

Please note that you must bear the costs of returning the product to us. Our address can be found here.

How do I guarantee Grout Rescue colour consistency?2017-02-15T22:45:00+00:00

If you are undertaking a large project requiring multiple bottles of a colour, it is recommended that you empty all the individual bottles of Grout Rescue Colour & Seal into a larger container and mix well, this will create a consistent colour for the entire application.

If I forget to remove the Grout Rescue from the tiles, will it stain?2017-02-15T22:44:11+00:00

Yes! Be careful and make sure you follow the instructions to ensure that the excess product is removed from the tile surface promptly. Once it dries, Grout Rescue Colour & Seal is a permanent seal and can only be removed with powerful solvent strippers, such as Universeal Pro-Strip.

How much will one 237ml bottle of Grout Rescue cover?2017-02-15T22:43:08+00:00

A standard 237ml bottle of Grout Rescue Colour & Seal will cover between 3 – 15m2. Product coverage will vary due to the grout width, density, texture and the surface absorbency.

For specific coverage guidelines, download our Product Guide (PDF format).

Will Grout Rescue work on new grout?2017-02-15T22:40:44+00:00

Yes, Grout Rescue Colour & Seal is suitable for both brand new and older grout installations. It permanently colours and seals the grout, applying the chosen colour for a consistent coloured finish.

Can I use New Clean 60 Patio Cleaner on walls or roofs?2017-02-15T22:39:22+00:00

New Clean 60 Patio Cleaner can be used on outdoor stone surfaces, whether horizontal or vertical. If using New Clean 60 on roof areas, be careful of spray and spillage and rinse off thoroughly with clean water.

As a general rule, we recommend that you try a small inconspicuous area before any application to your stone surfaces, regardless of the location. Always ensure you use adequate protection when working, we have sourced a value PPE bundle kit, giving you everything you need to complete the cleaning safely at a very affordable price.

My patio is not completely clean after using New Clean 60 Patio Cleaner?2017-02-15T22:37:12+00:00

New Clean 60 Patio Cleaner will restore outdoor stone surfaces to a greatly improved condition, regardless of the age and state of the stone. However, hard, encrusted matter such as black lichen will require a bit more effort as it will have become deeply embedded into the stone. If you have a lot of aged, hard lichen or black spots, we recommend that you keep an amount of cleaner back when you apply the solution (see below).

We recommend using a pressure washer when washing away the cleaner for heavily aged / dirty patios. The pressure will lift up the lichen and other stubborn materials that will have been loosened by New Clean 60.

For perfectionists, if you find that some black marks or tough lichen remains: a second, NEAT application using the saved over cleaning solution followed by another pressure wash will really eliminate all traces and give you a ‘good as new’ finish.

What surface area will New Clean 60 Patio Cleaner cover?2021-10-21T10:04:45+01:00

A standard 5 Litre bottle should be usually applied with a dilution ratio of 1:1, so a bottle gives you 10 litres of cleaning solution. When applied with a pressure sprayer, you will have up to 50m² of coverage area.

Why should I apply a Patio Sealer after cleaning?2018-08-14T10:37:58+01:00

New Clean 60 Patio Cleaner strips back all the grime, dirt and encrusted matter from your stone surfaces, essentially giving you a blank canvas. The clean effect will last but ultimately with the passage of time grime and seasonal dirt will return.

By applying a Patio Sealer immediately after cleaning, you can seal in the clean, pristine finish. A protective barrier will prevent grime and dirt from sinking into the stone, so providing a cleaner, more durable finish. Cleaning new dirt will be much easier as it will be sitting on top of the stone surface and won’t have sunk into the top layer of the patio/driveway/path. We recommend you use our Universeal Patio Stone Sealer Range for outdoor patio stone – available in Natural Matt, Colour Enhanced, Satin Sheen and Wet Look finishes.

Will New Clean 60 Patio Cleaner damage my lawn?2017-02-15T22:32:58+00:00

New Clean 60 Patio Cleaner has, amongst other compounds, an active biocide – this destroys organic vegetation such as weeds and moss between slabs or pavers. When you apply New Clean 60 to patios or pathways next to grass or similar vegetation, you must ensure you thoroughly wash away the cleaner at the end of the process.

Dowsing lawn and other areas with clean fresh water will dilute away the remaining cleaner and whilst it may temporarily lighten the grass, it will regain it’s natural colour shortly afterwards.

How long does New Clean 60 Patio Cleaner take to work?2017-02-15T14:50:04+00:00

It’s all in the name! New Clean 60 Patio Cleaner is formulated to deliver excellent cleaning results in 60 minutes. You can of course leave New Clean 60 for longer, it will keep working and give an even stronger more powerful finish, but 60 minutes is the minimum we recommend to leave the cleaner in contact with the stone surface.

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