No More Black Spot

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Patio Black Spot Remover

A professional grade outdoor cleaner which eliminates all traces of stubborn grey/white lichen and patio black spot from all masonry and natural stone surfaces and restores faded colour

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Universeal No More Black Spot

Best Patio Black Spot Remover & Cleaner for Lichen & Algae


Usage Guidelines

Dwell Time: 2 hours
Applications/Coats: 1-2 Applications
Application Method: Sprayer / Watering Can / Brush
Dilution: Neat


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Professional Outdoor Cleaning Performance

Universeal No More Black Spot is a professional-grade outdoor cleaner which eliminates all traces of stubborn grey/white lichen and typical patio black spots from all masonry and natural stone surfaces. We believe it’s the best black spot lichen remover on the market, as do our customers. Read all the reviews to see how effective No More Black Spot is!

Paving and Patio Black Spot Remover with supreme cleaning power

Not only does No More Black Spot blitz stubborn old black spot lichen that power washers can’t shift, but it is also a complete cleaning solution that eliminates ingrained dirt and grime and restores your paving and patios to their former glory. See below for an example of the colour-restoring powers of No More Black Spot.

Special Features

  • Our black spot patio cleaner removes stubborn aged black and grey lichen algae spots from all masonry and natural stone surfaces
  • Also removes red and green algae, reviving the surface to its original appearance
  • Easy application, supplied as a ready-to-use liquid
  • Ideally suited for the removal of persistent patio black spot


Look for a change of appearance in the black spots. When the black spots turn white, this indicates that the lichen has been destroyed – you can now wash away, preferably using a pressure washer to lift off the lichen residue. If the spots remain black, leave for a longer dwell time or re-apply some more cleaner.


  1. Before use always take care to use personal protection, gloves and protective eye wear as a minimum.
  2. Remove all loose debris from the patio area and pre-wet the surface area with clean water prior to applying the Universeal No More Black Spot cleaning fluid.
  3. Generously apply neat solution, taking care not to spill the cleaner on sensitive surfaces, i.e. fabrics or grassed areas. Carefully transfer the cleaning fluid from the bottle to a pump sprayer or watering can. If these containers are not available then cleaning fluid can be used directly from the bucket.
  4. The cleaning fluid needs to be left on the surface for at least 2 hours, during that time the surface must not be allowed to dry out. In hot dry conditions it may be necessary to apply a mist spray with additional cleaning fluid to prevent the paving from drying. Work the area(s) of staining with a brush, if necessary, but ensure the surface remains moist at all times.
  5. After the 2 hour dwell period, the treated area of patio black spot should be washed down with clean water first to neutralise the area and remove the majority of the neat cleaner before pressure washing off with clean water. Please note the patio black spot remover can harm or possibly kill vegetation so try to avoid washing off onto garden or lawned areas. If this unavoidable then soaking these areas with plenty of clean water prior to the cleaner application and after to rinse any cleaner that may have washed off on to the grassed area will stop any damage to vegetation.

Please Note:

In cases of severe black and white lichen contamination, leave the patio black spot remover to dwell overnight and power wash off the following morning. Universeal No More Black Spot contains a chlorine type active ingredient which will stain fabrics and sensitive materials. The fluid might cause slight lightening of some surfaces – always test product in an inconspicuous area prior to use to check suitability.

Be astonished with the cleaning and restoring effect with our patio black spot cleaning formula

No More Black Spot eliminates stubborn black spot lichen and algae from any porous natural stone, even when a jet washer can’t. As an added bonus, this outdoor cleaner also wipes out common and long-standing dirt and grime – it will bring back your original stone colours and look like newly laid paving or patios. Check out the transformational effect of cleaning with No More Black Spot…

patio black spot eliminating cleaner also revives natural colours


Apply NEAT. Do not exceed 5m2 per Litre (Maximum 25m2 per bottle)
Coverage offered as guidance. Will vary depending on surface contamination, porosity, texture and application process.

External Chemicals: Handling

Please note, our outdoor chemicals must always be handled with care. Upon receipt of your goods, you should open the packaging in a safe, suitable outdoor environment. Despite our best efforts with robust, layered packaging, there is always a small risk that damage or leakage could occur during transit. Our chemicals have the potential to damage sensitive surfaces if left unattended and we do not recommend that you store them indoors unless specifically indicated.

Shipping & Delivery Information | Reference: 25-litre containers

Note: We may send our 25-litre format in multiple bottles of 5-litre size instead of a single 25-litre container due to shipping restrictions. This does not affect the quantity in any way.


EUH031: Contact with acids liberates toxic gas.
H314: Causes severe skin burns and eye damage.
H400: Very toxic to aquatic life.

P102: Keep out of reach of children.
P264: Wash skin thoroughly after handling.
P273: Avoid release to the environment.
P280: Wear protective gloves/protective clothing/eye protection/face protection.
P305+351+338: IF IN EYES: Rinse cautiously with water for several minutes. Remove contact lenses, if present and easy to do. Continue rinsing.
P321: Specific treatment (see instructions on this label).

Product SDS sheet available upon request.

Handling & Storage

Use this black spot lichen remover within 6 months of purchase or production date. Store in cool, dry conditions out of direct sunlight in original container only. DO NOT RE-USE CONTAINER.

Latest Patio Black Spot Remover Reviews…

“Miracles do happen! Left home in the morning leaving an Indian Sandstone Patio in a very sorry state. Returned 3 hours later and was truly astonished at my patio – looking just like it did 6 years ago when it was laid. My partner is also delighted that this product does what it promises, which is very rare these days. We will now be purchasing another product from this Company to clean our front gardens’ circular stone paving that is covered with white spots.

We would definitely recommend this first class product to anyone considering cleaning patios etc. Well done Universal Sealants.”
Janet C
5 star rating

“Great results, be careful not to spill it on your clothes as it does stain them, that said it does state this on the label, very happy”
Jane Taylor

5 star rating

“Finally, I’ve found a product that does what it says it can do, my patio had terrible black spot mould all over it and i couldn’t find a cleaner that would remove it. If you have the same problem as I did then you should definitely use this product because it works!!”
Danny R

5 star rating

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Additional information

Weight 6 kg
Dimensions 20 × 18 × 30 cm
Size Option:

3 for 2 offer (3x 5L Bottles), Bundle (No More Black Spot 5L + No More Black Spot Preventer 5L), 5 Litre, 25 Litre

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Why hasn't the product removed all of the BLACK SPOTS?

There is only two reasons why the product hasn't been 100% successful, either not enough product has been applied to the contaminated area or is has been rinsed off too soon. NEVER rinse the cleaner off until all the Black Spots have turned completely WHITE. If most of the Black Spots have started to turn white but a few are still Black, apply a little more product. Always Do a Test Area before proceeding with the rest of the patio. Any problems please call our technical helpline where we will be happy to help and advise. 01300-345898

What is the Coverage of this product?

To work correctly we recommend not exceeding a coverage of 5m2 per litre of cleaner, this means a 5L container will cover approximately 25m2

How long do I need to leave the product down before rinsing?

Always do a test patch first, this will show you how long it is taking to kill the Black Spots and turn them white. It normally take 2-3 hours but in stubborn areas can be much longer. Any problems please call our technical team for support and advise 01300-345898

How does this product compare with other similar products on the market?

We manufacture all of our own products, the NO MORE BLACK SPOT is the strongest formula on the market. We abide by strict HSE (BPR biocide) regulations allowing us to manufacture this product.

Do I need to keep the product wet?

What we mean by this is, wet the patio or paving first before applying the cleaner, this will help to stop the chemical drying out inside the stone.

Will this product damage my lawn or plants?

This product is capable of causing damage to the grass and sensitive plants, if you apply plenty of water before and after rinsing the chemical then it will not cause any damage.

What is the best way to apply this product?

Before applying this product to your patio or paving, always read the instructions of use very carefully. Take Note to use personal protection. The best application method is with a simple garden pump sprayer, if you haven't got one then a watering can will do the same job. We recommend a coverage of approximately 4-5m2 per litre of neat cleaner.

Is this product harmful to pets or wildlife?

Like many patio cleaner this product could cause harm to pets or wildlife but only when wet, once you have thoroughly rinsed the cleaner off the patio it will cause no harm to any animals.

Does this stop the Black Spot from coming back?

Once you have used this product successfully, to stop the return of the black spot we advise using the Black Spot Preventer every year to keep the Black Spots from ever returning.

Is this product suitable for my patio?

We have carried out 100's of successful tests on many different types of stone and concrete surfaces. Whether you have concrete slabs, Indian sandstone, limestone, slate, terracotta, block paving, if it has a Black Spot Lichen issue then this product will work. If you are not sure please call our technical helpline 01300-345898

When is the best time to apply the product?

The ideal time to apply the product is on a day when the temperature is not too hot so that the chemical doesn't dry out. Earlier in the morning or later in the day will help achieve best results.

I have rinsed off and I still have some black spots showing, WHY?

There are a number of reasons why some of the black spot have not been killed and turned white. It is mostly due to not enough chemical has been applied to these more stubborn areas, or simply because it hasn't been left long enough on the surface. We recommend leaving a minimum of 2-3 hours before rinsing off, but that is only if all the black spots have turned white. NEVER rinse the chemical off before 100% of the black spots have turned white otherwise you will need to start again and apply more product to these isolated areas. If necessary apply more chemical to the stubborn areas and leave 4 or 5 hours, whatever is necessary to achieve the perfect results. ALWAYS DO A TEST PATCH FIRST, before applying all the product to your patio or paving areas. Any problems or questions please contact our technical helpline for further advice 01300-345898

Is this product safe to use around bedding plants and grass lawns?

Yes it definitely is, although this chemical is capable of damaging sensitive bedding plants and lawns, if you apply plenty of clean water to these areas just before and during the rinsing off process then the chemical will not have zero adverse effects to these sensitive areas.

What is the best way to rinse the chemical off?

Once all the Black Spots have turned White you are then ready to rinse the chemical off. It is very important that you do this carefully and safely, we DO NOT advise rinsing straight off with a pressure washer! This will produce airborne spray of neat chemical which if comes in contact with sensitive areas could cause damage. We STRONGLY recommend rinsing thoroughly with a hose first, this can be done safely. There after once all of the cleaner has been rinsed away you can then use your pressure washer to removed all the White Spots and thoroughly clean the patio.

Do I need to use personal protection whilst using this cleaner?

Yes, like most other patio cleaners it is always advised to work safely whilst using this product. We advise taking great care and to use personal protection, i.e eye protection, gloves and a mask where possible. Please don't be concerned, this product is safe if used in a safe careful manner, we always advise best safe working practice.

Do we need to treat the patio or just the contaminated patches?

You definitely need to treat the whole patio area, the reason being is even though Black Spots are only showing in isolate areas. The patio will have areas that are not showing but germinating lichen and these will show Black Spots in the future. If you only treat the areas which are showing Black Spots then within a few months the untreated areas will also start to show new Black Spot growth. Always treat the whole area, this will guarantee total removal of existing Black Spot and will neutralise any germinating lichen.

Does this product really work?

We get daily phone calls from customers asking us if this product really does work and will definitely remove the Black Spot on their patio? The simple answer is YES! this product will remove 100% of the Black Spot if enough chemical is applied to the surface and left to dwell long enough to turn the spots WHITE before rinsing off. Always do a test patch, if you are not achieving these perfect results then please call us 01300-345898 for further advise before proceeding and using all of your chemical.


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