How Long Does it Take Paving Sealer to Dry?

There’s nothing worse than putting all that effort into sealing your paving, only for it to not to dry properly. It’s a risk you take if the weather is against you, or if you use an inferior product.

It is always best to follow the manufacturers guide but depending on what type of pressure you’re placing on your surface can have a huge impact.

How long does it take paving sealer to dry? The Universeal range of paving sealers will take a minimum of 1 to 2 hours to dry, although we do recommend a longer period for best results. Factors such as weather and foot traffic can have an impact on how long your patio sealant takes to dry.

It’s also important to monitor the temperature when estimating the drying time of paving sealer. You should not apply paving sealer at temperatures below 5 degrees or above 20 degrees as this can affect the performance.

Thankfully, the Universeal range of patio and paving sealers can dry in just a couple of hours. You can view the entire range by clicking here.

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Factors that can affect the performance and drying time of paving sealers

Foot traffic

Although the Universeal range of paving sealers only take a few hours to dry, it is probably best not to walk on your paving for up to 4 hours. If the sun has been out, then at least 2 hours is recommended.

It is also recommended that heavy foot traffic should be avoided for 7 hours. If you are really concerned about ruining the hard work, you can always brush your hand lightly over your paving sealer after the allotted period to see if it has set.

Vehicle traffic

This is really important to consider before sealing your paving. Make alternative parking arrangements so the surface can be left as long as possible.

Most sealants can take the pressure from vehicles 24- 36 hours after application, however for maximum results it would be ideal if this could be left as long as possible.

If the weather takes an unexpected turn for the worse, your drying periods will be extended. Always check the manufacturers guide for the best results.

Related questions and FAQs

Below we have answered some of the more common questions people ask us when learning how long it takes for paving sealer to dry. We recommend using our high-quality patio sealers for the best results.

Whilst we have an FAQ section and a helpful expert guide on our website, we thought it would be a good idea to cover some of the most important pointers for professional patio sealing in the quick responses below.

How long do paver sealers last?

This is really down to how much care you take of them.

Firstly, this depends on how many coats you used when sealing. Two coats are generally enough for maximum results. With a good level of care, paving sealer should last for several years.

Secondly, other things to consider include the amount of traffic over the sealant. It’s inevitable that cars and foot traffic will occur, and this is why it is important to prolong the sealant life through cleaning and care.

How do you get rid of mould between paving? 

Specialist cleaners (such as the Universeal range of cleaners) can be purchased to get rid of any additional debris over time, but what you don’t want happening is this turning to mould.

By cleaning your paving regularly, this can be avoided but not always guaranteed, therefore a good quality cleaner combined with hot water will make your paving appear as good as new again.

Why use Universeal block paving sealants?

The secret to finding the perfect block paving sealer is to think about the type of punishment the UK weather and heavy footfall can leave on concrete, paths, and paving.

If you go with the cheapest option, don’t be surprised if over time the sealer starts to degrade and crack, offering a limited lifespan meaning you have to buy and re-apply again.

That’s why so many customers choose the Universeal range of sealers. Our UK made products are designed to last, are easy to apply, and offer outstanding results each and every time.

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