How to Remove Black Mould from Grout

Black mould growth on tile grout is a common problem in most UK households. It’s an issue most commonly caused by dampness and poor ventilation within the bathroom and shower.

black mould grout cleanerIt’s not always that quick or easy to remove black mould from grout, but help is at hand with the Universeal Grout Mould Remover (see prices). It will help to resolve this problem in super quick time, leaving a professional and clean finish every time.

It’s important to remove black mould from the grout in your shower and bathroom. Aside from the cosmetic appearance, it can actually be a health hazard too. We’ve put a few notes together about this lower down the page.

Before that though, here’s how easy it is to remove black mould from your grout using the Universeal Grout Mould Remover.

How to remove black mould from grout

Before application, ensure you are wearing personal protection equipment including gloves, eye protection and suitable old clothes as this product contains chlorine and may bleach fabrics.

When using Universeal Grout Mould Remover (shop now) indoors always ensure good ventilation during and after use.

1. Read the instructions and directions

Our black mould remover is extremely effective but does require careful usage. Please read the entire product label and precautions before starting your application.

2. Spray the grout surface

Identify the grout where the black mould has developed and spray our black mould grout cleaner and remover on to it. Spray from around 20 to 30 centimetres away.

3. Leave the spray on for at least 20 minutes

Now you can let the black mould remover get to work. All you do is leave it on for 20 to 30 minutes to let it penetrate the black mould and start breaking it down.

4. Agitate and scrub the black mould

After letting the mould remover get to work for at least 20 minutes, you should then scrub and agitate it with an old toothbrush or scouring pad. You should start to see instant results, with the black mould coming away from the grout.

In the case of stubborn black mould stains on the grout, for example such as on silicone sealants, spray again and leave to work for up to two to three hours or overnight if necessary.

5. Clean and rinse away

You can now clean and rinse the treated area with a sponge and plenty of clean water. Allow the grout to thoroughly dry to assess the result. In extreme conditions repeat the process.

6. Seal the cleaned grout

Now that your grouting is free from the unsightly black mould, we strongly recommend sealing the restored grout with Universeal Grout & Tile Protector (see prices) to stop the regrowth and repeat of this issue.

Please Note: Extra care must be taken when using this product around sensitive surfaces such as stainless steel, chrome, coloured fabrics and timber. If the product is accidentally splashed on to any of these surfaces it should be wiped off immediately with plenty of clean water. Where possible always remove or protect these areas and test the product in an inconspicuous area on-site to determine suitability for the intended use.


STORAGE: Close nozzle after each use. Store out of direct sunlight, keep in original container only.

If you have more questions regarding this process or any of the Universeal Sealant products, please contact our sales office on 01300 345898.

About Universeal Black Mould Grout Cleaner

Our recommended black mould remover for grout is a fast and effective safe cleaner specially formulated for the removal of mould and unsightly black spots commonly found on grout joints and hard surfaces.

This includes bathroom and shower areas, ceramics, porcelain and some types of natural stones tiles. In many cases this low-cost solution can work as quickly as 30 minutes restoring the grout to a new clean condition.

Our NEW improved formula can also work on silicone sealant, although it will take longer to work than it does on grouting.

To see prices and reviews, click here.

Why you should remove black mould from grout and tiles

Earlier on we referred to the potential health risks associated with black mould.

Whilst you should want to keep your shower tiles and grout in perfect condition, the fact that black mould can be bad for your health should if anything make this even more important.

In 1999, the Mayo Clinic published a study which revealed that exposure to black mould can significantly increase the risk of health issues such as asthma, allergies, and even depression. They also stated that the majority of chronic sinus infections can often be mistaken for a cold, but instead can be due to exposure to mould.

Signs that mould exposure could be impacting your health or that of your family’s health include symptoms such as:

  • Itchy eyes
  • Watery eyes
  • Asthma
  • Irritable throat
  • Coughing
  • Runny nose
  • Sinus infections

Don’t take any risks and clean the black mould from your grout as soon as you start to see signs of it.