Grout Rescue X Colour Sealer

Grout Rescue X Colour Sealer (OUTDOOR)

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Outdoor grout colourant and sealer

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A simple and affordable way to restore and renew your patio grout or pointing to a better-than-new condition

For External Use Only


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Grout Rescue X (450ml)

Specialist Outdoor Grout Colourant, Renew, Sealer & Dye


We strongly recommend that you prime the surface with Grout Rescue X Pre-Treat Cleaner before application for optimum results and maximum longevity, whether the grout or pointing is new or old.

About colour…about colours...

The colour chart must be used as a guide only; due to the original grout colour, texture, grout width, artificial and natural lighting the finished Grout Rescue X colour may dry slightly different once applied – as an example, applying a grey grout to white tiles will make the grout look darker due to the contrast of light and dark, whereas if you apply mid grey grout colouring to pure black tiled surfaces, then the grey grout will look lighter in contrast to its surroundings.

Grout Rescue X Colour Sealer Swatches

Our policy is that we cannot guarantee an exact 100% match and you should chose a grout colour that MOST CLOSELY MATCHES the colour scheme you want to achieve. Always do a small on-site test in an inconspicuous area so you can assess the results BEFORE undertaking the grout rescue X colour seal process.

Usage Guidelines

Dwell Time: 5-10 mins
Applications/Coats: 1 Application
Application Method: Brush / Sponge / Pad
Dilution: Undiluted


Download a PDF Technical Application Guide

Universeal Grout Rescue X Grout Colour Sealer is a quick and effective way to restore and renew your patio or outdoor paving grout and pointing to a better than new condition.

For External Use Only

Grout Rescue X Colour Sealer grout and pointing dye is available in 5 practical colours, when fully cured, permanently seals patio grout to help protect against mould, mildew and staining for up to 15 years.

Universeal Patio Grout Rescue X helps to keep external patio grout joints clean, watertight and in pristine condition. Simple to apply, our polymer based formulation bonds securely onto the grout joint, protecting, sealing and consistently colourising for a long-term barrier. Suitable for use on grout & pointing applied to: Porcelain & ceramic tiles plus non acid sensitive stone: sandstone, quarry tiles, terracotta, slate, granite, etc.

Grout Renew to Look Like New!

Our unique outdoor grout stain, colourant dye, and sealer can restore dirty or ugly grout and pointing to a new look finish – with 5 colours from limestone to black, there is a shade to suit your patio or you can even change up your patio’s appearance by choosing a completely new colour. This process will permanently colour and seal the patio grout to make the grout look even better than the day it was installed. Universeal Grout Rescue X Colour Sealer is safe and simple to use, this unique formula allows for easy application by the professional tradesman and DIY homeowner.

Important Note: The colour chart is an illustrative guide only. Due to the original Grout colour, texture, grout width, artificial and natural lighting the finished Grout Rescue X stain colour may dry slightly different once applied. Always do a small test of our patio grout stain dye and colourant prior to use to check suitability. Always do a small on-site test prior to use. If you require further support or guidance, please contact our technical helpline on 01300 345 898 (ext 2).

Grout Rescue Colour & Seal
If you are looking to change the colour or renew your internal grout, you should consider our market-leading colourant sealing formula, Grout Rescue Colour & Seal. Designed to renew and protect internal grouting, it is ideal for bathrooms, kitchens, tiled floors and more (10 colours).

Directions for use

NOTE: Due to our improved formula’s high polymer strength, you must complete a test patch to determine how long the product can be left on the surrounding tiles / slabs / pavers. Depending on the type of tile, you may need to remove the product excess within 5-10 minutes – note, if left too long it will be extremely difficult to remove.

For best results, we recommend a two stage process:

Stage 1: Prime the grout or pointing area on both old and new installations with Grout Rescue X Pre‑Treat Cleaner.
Stage 2: Apply Grout Rescue X Colour Sealer when the pointing / grout joints are clean and thoroughly dry.

  1. Stage 1: Using Grout Rescue X Pre-treat Cleaner is very important to achieve perfect results prior to application of Grout Rescue X Colour Sealer. Prime (etch) the grout surface area by thoroughly cleaning grime, debris and algae/lichen with the Pre-treat cleaner as per its instructions.
  2. Stage 2: Make sure grout joints are clean and thoroughly dry before applying Grout Rescue X outdoor grout sealer. Shake bottle & mix well before use, always a complete a small test patch to understand best process of application.
  3. Apply product thinly onto the grout joint using a small paint or tooth brush, working it evenly onto the grout surface. Wipe away any sealer with a damp cloth or sponge from the tile edge instantly or within a maximum of 10 minutes of application, being careful not to disturb the treated grout joint. Dries within 1-2 hours, and achieves full cure within 48-72 hours. Avoid unnecessary use or footfall during this time period. If using more than 1 bottle of a single colour for an application, mix all materials to ensure colour match and consistency.

Poor application, applying the product too heavily or thickly onto the grout joint can result in blistering, cracking and de-bonding.
Always perform a small inconspicuous test on-site to determine suitable application process for your project. Call our support helpline on +44 (0)1300 345 898 (option 2) or use the contact form on our website for technical support. FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY.

Special Features

  • 100% frost, stain and water proof
  • One coat application to recolour, renew and protect grout and pointing
  • Eliminate frost damage, cracking and weed & grass growth between tiles
  • For external use
  • Up to 15 years protection

A range of colour options suited to patio and outdoor paving

Now, you can easily colour your patio grout or pointing with our range of 5 popular tints.

Grout Rescue X Colour Sealer Swatches

To avoid disappointment, please note: We do not manufacture sample bottles or provide smaller sizes. The swatches provide a near match to the actual product, however, as you may expect, screen displays and print processes cannot match the colours 100% accurately, so if colour matching is crucial, we recommend you find a stockist and see the product colours in store. We will not be responsible for any colour matching problems as it remains the final responsibility of the user to confirm colour suitability.


16-30m2 per 450ml bottle
This will vary dependent on tile size & grout width.

IMPORTANT: WE ARE UNABLE TO ACCEPT RETURNS OF OPENED PRODUCT. Please ensure you are happy with your colour choice prior to opening the bottle

External Chemicals: Handling

Please note, our outdoor chemicals must always be handled with care. Upon receipt of your goods, you should open the packaging in a safe, suitable outdoor environment. Despite our best efforts with robust, layered packaging, there is always a small risk that damage or leakage could occur during transit. Our chemicals have the potential to damage sensitive surfaces if left unattended and we do not recommend that you store them indoors unless specifically indicated.


EYE AND SKIN CONTACT: Flush thoroughly with water, if irritation persists seek medical attention.
IF INGESTED: Drink 1 to 2 glasses of water, do not induce vomiting and seek medical attention.


Product shelf life is 36 months when unopened and stored at room temperature. Store product in original container only. Close cap on container after each use. Use only when surface temperatures are between 50° F – 90° F (10° C – 32° C).

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Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 15 cm

Sandstone, Black, Dark Grey, Mid Grey, Limestone

Size Option:

450ml Bottle, 25ml Tester

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